We create Movements that transcend advertising.

It's a model for marketing that makes you feel like you aren't being marketed to at all.

People are constantly bombarded with advertising over kill. As anti-advertising defence shields get more and more sophisticated, brands are looking for new ways to genuinely engage people. We threw the baby out with the bath water to create a completely new approach to marketing in a post advertising generation.

We work with Clients to find what is authentic, relevant and without a hint of spin.
We then develop a creative strategy that disrupts thinking, moves emotions and causes action. We call it a "Movement", because it spreads spontaneously and naturally, rather than being forced on people.

Creating Movements is at the heart of everything we do and why we are called Fly.


To act in defiance
of the norm

To be moved
with emotion

An idea that moves
or spreads quickly

To win popular

We move faster than ad campaigns can keep up with.

That's not to say ad campaigns are slow,
expensive and only concerned about
awards... It's not.