Before “kiwiana” had become an overused cliche, we came up with a way to connect kiwis to 10 of New Zealand’s most loved and trusted brands.  NZ Icons was a fashion range that sold in 35 of New Zealand’s top destination fashion and design stores.



The Challenge


Working with many New Zealand FMCG brands, we found they all shared similar challenges: threats from house brands, a disengaged public and in some cases, very little new news.  Lying latent was a bounty of brand love that needed to be ignited.    


NZ Icons retailed for $80 – $90 in destination stores like Smith & Caughey, Route 66 and Paris Texas. With a limited run of 1,000 t-shirt and tin combos per brand, the range was a popular success, selling 10,000 units in just two seasons.


PR &


The media loved the originality of the idea and swamped us with free interviews, articles and radio promotions.  We used all P.R. to connect people with, where they could read up on the histories of the brands, post photos of themselves with a NZ Icon and invite their friends to vote for them - all before Facebook was a hit. .P.R. helped the NZ Icons campaign raise awareness for key messaging the brands were struggling to convey through traditional advertising.


Nationwide Sampling


A nationwide sampling campaign gave the brands a chance to introduce new products to consumers.  Free PR from radio stations would do live crosses to the sampling team talking to people on the street, as they tried to answer history questions on the brands to win goodie bags jam packed with Vogel’s, Weet-Bix, Marmite, Griffins biscuits and a host of other goodies. 






Creative Strategy - Johnson McKay


Product Design - Shane Hansen

Digital Design - Shane Hansen


Digital Development - Mantravision


Campaign Management - Brodie Croucher